Parliament Speaker issues Labour Day message

Zagreb - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković on Thursday issued a message for the International Labour Day, thanking people of different occupations for making it easier for us to live through these challenging times and demanding circumstances.

"On the International Labour Day, when we also celebrate the feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker, the patron saint of work and workers, we should thank all of our many fellow citizens of different occupations who do their jobs every day with courage and dedication to make our lives easier in these challenging times and demanding circumstances," Jandroković said in his message.

The International Labour Day is also a reminder of all the achievements in improving the position of workers and of the importance of work which enables people to change and better their lives and contribute to the advancement of their community, he emphasised.

The Parliament Speaker also noted that every society had an obligation to create opportunities for every individual to have a decent job.

Jandroković said that every society's obligation to ensure favourable working conditions where every individual will be able to live off their work and subsequently pension is becoming even more important at a time when the whole world is deeply affected by a pandemic which is threatening not only public health, but also economic and social security and sustainability.

Author: Office of the Speaker/Hina