Parliament Speaker Jandroković: Those who want to profit should be punished and condemned

Zagreb - Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković said on Tuesday that anyone who tries to use the current situation for their own benefit should be severely punished and publicly condemned, and he said that everyone will have to give up something in the period to come.

"I think that all those who try to profit from this situation should be severely punished," Jandroković said following a meeting of the parliamentary presidency when asked about possible abuses of Government measures.

He added that cheating would be utterly immoral in the current situation, "when everyone is having a hard time, when some people are sick and dying, when the government has resorted to extraordinary measures so that 560,000 persons from the private sector can get their pay from the state budget, when doctors, nurses, medical staff, the police, and civil protection teams are under so much strain."

Jandroković underscored that the government was adopting measures with the best of intentions, to help the biggest number of people and companies possible.

"If someone tries to steal something, cheat, not pay their workers and take the money for themselves, their name should be said loud and clear in the public and they should be punished in all ways provided for by the law," Jandroković underscored.

"We will not allow any kind of manipulation or misuse, and all those who try to do anything like that will be severely and publicly condemned and legally punished," he said.

As for talks with trade unions to shift part of the burden of the crisis onto the public sector, Jandroković said that everyone will have to give up something in the period to come.

Author: Hina