Sabor to convene for extraordinary sitting September 2 - 11

Zagreb - After a month-long recess, lawmakers will soon return to their seats in Parliament as Speaker Gordan Jandroković has convened an extraordinary sitting of the Sabor from September 2 to 11.

The Sabor has been convened for a six-day sitting to debate ten items on the agenda.

This second extraordinary sitting of the 10th Parliament will commence on Wednesday, September 2 and as it is an extraordinary sitting, there will not be the usual "Question Time" and lawmakers will have to wait until the first regular sitting to put their questions to cabinet members.

The Government asked that Parliament be convened for the extraordinary sitting in order to debate the final bill on the reconstruction of Zagreb and two neighbouring counties affected by the March 22 earthquake.

Other items to be debated include a proposal for the Government to issue ordinances for certain issues that are within the remit of the Sabor when it is not sitting as well bills on jail sentences, foreigners, and personal identification cards. 

The Sabor is usually in recess from 15 December to 15 January and again from 15 July to 15 September, however, it can be convened for an extraordinary sitting by the President, Government, a majority of lawmakers, and the Parliament Speaker, with the previous opinion of parliamentary benches.

The latest, 10th Sabor was constituted on July 22 and sat for only 17 days after the parliamentary election in which the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and its partners (minority MPs, the Croatian People's Party - HNS, Reformists) formed a majority.

The Sabor sat amid the coronavirus epidemic, with special measures in force  to prevent lawmakers from becoming infected with the disease.

Author: Hina