Slovenian National Assembly Foreign Policy Committee in Sabor

Zagreb – A delegation of the Foreign Policy Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia headed by the Committee Chairman Jozef Horvat visited the Croatian Parliament. The delegation was received by the Parliament Speaker Boris Šprem and later held meetings with the Croatian Parliament Foreign Policy Committee and with the European Integration Committee. 

Šprem expressed his satisfaction that the Slovenian Assembly’s delegation paid their first visit after parliamentary elections to Sabor. This indicates the wish to further improve the relations between the two countries. He is convinced Slovenia will be one of the first EU member-states to ratify Croatia’s Accession Treaty. Horvat assured him Slovenia would choose the most convenient moment for both countries to ratify Croatia’s Treaty on the EU Accession. 

Discussing the political situation in the region, chairmen of the two Foreign Policy Committees Milorad Pupovac and Jožef Horvat agreed that Croatia and Slovenia had a stabilizing role and shared responsibilities and interests in the process of Europeanization of the region. 

Chairman of the European Integration Committee Daniel Mondekar informed his Slovenian guests of the preparations currently in progress for the Committee’s new scope and mode of operation as it would soon become the committee for European affairs of an EU member-state parliament. Chairman of the Slovenian European Integration Committee Roman Jakić shared his Committee’s experiences in this respect. 

Author: Internet Editorial Staff