Speaker: This Parliament one of few that sat during COVID-19 pandemic

Zagreb - The ninth Croatian Parliament was dissolved on Monday and despite exchange of accusations between lawmakers until the parliament's last moments, the sitting ended with applause for Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković.

"It seems to me that I will remember this Parliament in fact for the unity we showed at the most difficult times," Jandroković said reminding his colleagues that Parliament continued sitting at the height of the coronavirus epidemic and that it was one of the few European parliaments that did not stop sitting.

"I hope that regardless of the atmosphere that sometimes was not the best, we will be remembered for our decisions and for the response we had during the coronavirus epidemic," Jandroković told lawmakers, thanking them for their cooperation and wishing them success in their future lives and work.

We are different but I believe that you all worked in the best interest for Croatian citizens in the belief that you are doing good, that it is beneficial for our citizens and people, he added.

He thanked all of parliament's services, staff who assist during sittings, guards, cooks, waiters, cleaners and the entire staff in Parliament House.

Author: Hina/Office of the President of the Parliament