6th term of the Croatian Parliament (11 January 2008 - 22 December 2011)

Development and Reconstruction Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

The Development and Reconstruction Committee shall establish and monitor the implementation of policies and, in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations, it shall have the rights and duties of the competent working body in matters pertaining to:
- the concept and strategy of the economic development of the Republic of Croatia,
- the economic development of all regions of the Republic of Croatia, particularly those lagging behind in economic development,
- the reconstruction and development of areas where wartime operations were conducted or which were directly affected by wartime destruction and devastation,
- the reconstruction of commercial facilities destroyed in the war,
- economic factors, development of free enterprise, and capital investments of particular importance to the Republic of Croatia, and
- other issues of economic policy, reconstruction and development. 


Appointed members

- Iz reda predstavnika sindikata više razine:
Dubravko Čorak
- Iz reda predstavnika Hrvatske udruge poslodavaca:
Emil Kuhtić
- Iz reda predstavnika Hrvatske gospodarske komore:
Jasna Borić
- Iz reda predstavnika Hrvatske obrtničke komore:
Dragutin Ranogajec
- Iz reda predstavnika znanstvenih i stručnih institucija:
dr. sc. Gojko Bežovan
dr. sc. Franjo Tomić


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