10th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 July 2020 - 16 May 2024)

European Affairs Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

European Affairs Committee shall:
- monitor the activities of Parliament in European affairs;
- adopt the Work Programme for the Consideration of the Positions of the Republic of Croatia;
- consider the documents of the European Union and the positions of the Republic of Croatia in relation to the documents of the European Union and may adopt conclusions thereon;
- consider the reports of the Government on the meetings of the Council of the European Union;
- conduct the procedure of monitoring compliance with the principle of subsidiarity;
- adopt a conclusion proposing to the competent authority to implement a regulatory impact assessment procedure in accordance with law;
- take part in the process of nominating candidates of the Republic of Croatia for EU institutions and bodies;
- monitor the alignment of the legal system of the Republic of Croatia with the EU acquis;
- participate in the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC);
- co-operate with the European Parliament and the European affairs committees of national parliaments;
- propose to the Speaker of Parliament to conduct a debate on the position of the Republic of Croatia for European Council meetings;
- submit an annual report on its activities to Parliament. 
The European Affairs Committee shall have the rights and duties of a competent body in European Affairs pertaining to: 
- adopting conclusions on the application of the passerelle clause;
- amending the Treaties of the European Union.
The Committee shall perform other duties specified by these Standing Orders and law.


Appointed members

Tunjica Petrašević, Ph. D.
Ivica Miškulin, Ph. D.
Dora Zgrabljić Rotar, Ph. D.
Iris Goldner Lang, Ph. D.
Hrvoje Šlezak, Ph. D.
Daniel Mondekar


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