5th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 December 2003 - 11 January 2008)

Physical Planning and Environmental Protection Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

The Physical Planning and Environmental Protection Committee shall establish and monitor the implementation of policy, and in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations it shall have the rights and duties of the competent working body in matters pertaining to:
- physical planning and the protection of the architectural heritage,
- the co-ordination of spatial resource protection activities and the co-ordination of regional spatial development,
- the promotion of spatial regulation in the interests of the most effective spatial management, construction and harmonisation of building construction of importance to the Republic of Croatia,
- the regulation of construction sites and other physical planning matters,
- fundamental solutions to the protection and promotion of comprehensive environmental protection activities pursuant to international criteria,
- measures to monitor, preserve and reinforce the biological and ecological balance between natural resources (the sea, water, air, soil, mineral wealth, flora and fauna) and economic development,
- measures to utilise and manage individual portions of the environment, particularly with a view to specially protected natural zones,
- monitoring and study of matters concerning nuclear and radioactive safety in order to secure a high level of security and effective protection of persons and the environment from ionising radiation,
- the promotion of measures to halt and turn back the current status of environmental degradation and the further prevention of pollution in order to facilitate quality conditions for human life and health,
- complaints directed to Parliament that indicate harmful activity concerning environmental degradation and investigation into whether such complaints have valid grounds.


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