9th term of the Croatian Parliament (14 October 2016)

Marin Škibola (NZ)

Škibola, Marin

Born on 14 December 1991 in Rijeka. Graduated from Rijeka Faculty of Economics.

Deputy Club of the Youth Independent List
Phone: 01/4569-481; 01/4569-414
e-mail: kznlm@sabor.hr

Begin of parliamentary mandate:

14 October 2016

Changes during parliamentary mandate:

  • from 14 October 2016 to 21 November 2016 the MP was a member of the Human Blockade; as of 21 November 2016 the MP became an Independent Member of the Parliament

Party affiliation:


Parliamentary functions:

Elected from the list of the:

  • Human Shield, Let's Change Croatia and Activity of Youth